A selection of my papers and presentations I have given. Some are available on request.

  • Ennui Meets Optimism: Juggling Identity in the Age of Uncertainty,OPUS, London, November 2018
  • Application of causal loop methods for client insight and action, The European Mentoring and Coaching Commission, July 2018
  • Experience with Modelling Options for Decision-Making within the Organisational System, ISPSO Annual Conference June 2018 (Dublin)
  • A Method to Develop Stakeholder Management Strategies: Professional Development Workshop, ISPSO Annual Conference June 2018 (Dublin)
  • Optimism Bias of Governance Groups: A defence against lack of presumed knowledge,Socioanalysis Journal, Vol. 19 December 2017
  • The Oceanic feeling and the Void: the compelling sensation of being one with the universe via the digital social media environment, OPUS London 2017.
  • Design as Mirror of the Ages: The Room, the Culture and Psycho-Social Development , ISPSO Annual Conference 2017 (Copenhagen)
  • Managing Optimism Bias for Governance, ISPSO Annual Conference 2016 (Spain)
  • Why Well Managed Projects Fail and What to Do about it, ISPSO Annual Conference 2012 (California).
  • Complexes of the Family and Organisation: A Case Study of The ‘Organisation in the Mind’, ISPSO Annual Conference 2011 (Melbourne)
  • Measuring Clinical Interviewing Effectiveness: An Adaptation of the Flanders Interaction Technique, Journal of APhA
  • The Learning of Affect: A measurement Approach in Clinical Areas, California Society of Educational Program Auditors and Evaluations
  • Information as an Organisational Change Tool in the Service of Competitive Advantage, International Productivity Symposium VII, Greece (with P McCarthy)
  • The Year 2000 Date Problem: A Symptom of the gulf between Management and IT, The Australasian Share/Guide IBM Conference, Brisbane
  • Freud’s Contribution to Organisational Change, The Australian Centre For Psychoanalysis

Information as Stimulus to Behaviour: The Australia Post Experience, (with Pat McCarthy), the Australian Public Sector Conference, 1995