I maintain the ethical standards of the European Mentoring and Consulting Council, the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis, and the International Society for Psychoanalytic Study of Organisation. I continue also to maintain the ethical standards of the Australian Institute of Company Directors on whose coaching panel I have served.


Coaching and supervision sessions are held in my office in the Melbourne CBD or online (Skype and Zoom usually). Engagement are developed and agreed during the first few sessions including interim milestones. In cases of organisational referral for coaching  (usually via Human Relations, CEO or others), it can be useful for the client, the referral person and myself to meet several times to discuss the work if the client agrees. There is no fee for the initial consultation

Duration of coaching varies but in general time limited coaching is preferred. The objectives for the coaching and their measurement (quantitative and qualitative) are developed and agreed and the number of sessions agreed. These agreements usually are completed by the second session. Time limited coaching has the advantage of maintaining focus on the objectives.