The term ‘executive coaching’ does not imply an organisational position and does not exclude anybody from this work. Also, the current heavy focus on coaching for ‘leadership’ is more productively interpreted as helping the individual to achieve their career aspirations and desires whatever they are.

The reasons for coaching include relationship and stakeholder management, greater effectiveness, realignment of priorities, career satisfaction and personal growth. However there are a great many reasons and in my experience dealing with whatever is of concern to the client is the the focus and needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.

Ensuring measurable effects of my coaching and consulting are a paramount focus.  I have developed and published measurement approaches in difficult areas since my time at the university. Reference to these is on the bibliography page.

Some characteristics of my work can be described while ensuring confidentiality.

  • the CEO of a large Australian institution for five months prior to him taking the position at a time of organisational cultural challenge.
  • the CIO of a major health care institution for performance improvement and gaining general support among senior peers.
  • senior executives of a Federal Government Department to resolve conflict with external stakeholders.
  • senior members of the legal profession during times of change
  • the CEO of a national bank during a complex corporate period.
  • numerous individuals self-sponsored or through their organisations.

I also provide supervision for other coaches.