I have developed the Influence Management Method (IMM) to identify, assess and manage the influence affecting them by other individuals and groups within and beyond the organisation. The method can be used by executive coaches, project directors, committees, consultants and human resource professionals.

Formulation of the IMM commenced in the 1980’s with my organisational consulting directed toward the turnaround of initiatives which had been delayed or had stumbled for various reasons. Its application to executive coaching and for boards and committees developed during this period.

The IMM approach considers influence to be any belief of the client’s that entities assert views on the client or the client’s work. It is more than ‘stakeholder’ management although it is usually referenced in those terms. Influence can be considered any action which transmits a perspective on the client personally or his/her projects and work. The action can be verbal communications between people, email, reports, committee minutes, the absence of response, non-attendance to requests, rumour and many other manifest and latent expressions of view.

In March 2019  I will release an eBook on the IMM which will also serve as a guide to software for development of a diagram of influence relationships on which strategies to manage the influence are developed and assessed. The diagram model can be successfully drawn by hand although software is available to more easily adjust the model for modifications.  Please send an email to be altered to publication.

MY two day workshop for project steering committees, boards and others provides an immediate approach to ‘stakeholder and influence’ management at any stage of a project or initiatives life cycle. Please contact me for more detail and discussion.

Management Influence – An eBook Guide – download in March 2019
Influence Management – support software – available March 2019
Management Influence – Applied Training Sessions – Contact james@trieb.com.au
Managing Influence – Webinar (apply to European Mentoring and Coaching Council)