Stakeholder and Influence management –  for committees, boards and individuals

One of the most frequent problems for project steering committees and executive coaching clients is stakeholder management. The complexity of stakeholder relations was noted as number 2 of the top ten reasons for project failure by the Australian Newspaper, and is obviously fundamental to the success or otherwise of individual careers.

Stakeholder influence poses the greatest risk to any project and to the careers of executives and others. Perhaps it is reasonable to ask what does stakeholder management actually mean and how can it be managed?

My answer to that question is that ‘stakeholder management’ effectively means the management of influence. What the management is seeking to achieve are conditions under which the influence can be positive or at least neutral to a project or a person. It then follows that we are looking for a broader category of stakeholders, who are better defined as ‘influencers’.

Influencers include traditional stakeholders and extend to more people and organization, some of whom will be known and others not. Many unknown influencers may be those who communicate directly or frequently through others. They may be stimulated not by the value of the project or the individual but by their self interest, envy, aversion to the project leader and a host of other motivations.

My eBook on influence management was released in 2019. It outlines a method to identify and characterize influence and illustrates an approach for the client to develop and test strategies to overcome negative influence and maximize positive influence.

Currently I offer working sessions and seminars on the method for groups and steering committees, in addition to one-on-one executive coaching in the office or through Skype and Zoom.

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