My practice has two interrelated areas: (1) executive coaching; and, (2) organisational stakeholder influence practice. The practice is physically based in Melbourne Australia although much of my work with clients is via remote conferencing with Skype and Zoom.

(1) Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an effective and measurable process for individuals to achieve their objectives within their organisations and beyond. Individuals seek executive coaching for many reasons including performance, peer relationships, career development, and the sense of self in their role and elsewhere.

My practice is built on a combination of four areas. It has been said that executive coaching benefits from ‘having been there done that’ which I have in the following:

  1. Organisational consulting and executive coaching to major government and private clients world-wide for three decades.
  2. Faculty member of the University of Southern California and the Graduate Business School of American University, – strategy, management and business psychology
  3. Application of psychoanalytic principles in clinical, coaching and business consultations.
  4. Current and active with executive coaching and organisational associations, providing presentations, publications, and workshops.

(2) Stakeholder and Influence Management

I first became aware that sources of influence extended beyond obvious stakeholders when engaged to review organisational projects not meeting expectations. Usually the issues pointed more to stakeholder than technical issues.

Traditional well-defined stakeholders are clearly not the only source of influence on the work and in many cases are not the primary source. I have developed a method for identification and management of influence that can be used by executive coaches, project directors, committees, consultants and human resource professionals. This method is:

  1. used in my executive coaching practise
  2. presented to steering groups, committees and boards as one or more working sessions
  3. an eBook on influence assessment and management for individuals and projects

I’m happy to discuss these and to arrange for working sessions on your site.