My practice has two interrelated areas:

(1) Stakeholder and Influence Management

Sources of influence can extend well beyond obvious traditional stakeholders who frequently are not the primary source effective influence. I have developed a method for identification, strategy development and management of all sources of influence applicable to boards, committees, projects and individuals.

(2) Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an effective and measurable process for individuals to achieve their objectives within their organisations and beyond. Individuals seek executive coaching for many reasons including performance, peer relationships, career development, and the sense of self in their role and elsewhere.


My practice is built on a combination of four areas: as an organisational consultant and executive coach for three decades; as a faculty member of graduate universities; as an exponent of psychoanalytic principles in clinical, coaching and consultations; and as a provider of presentations, publications, and workshops to professional associations

The practice is physically based in Melbourne Australia although much of my work with clients is via remote conferencing with Skype and Zoom. Facilitation of boards, committees and workshops can occur anywhere. Contact me for a discussion of these areas.

Change management

Influence management is the key to successful change management.  My ‘Influence Management’ approach is a comprehensive strategy to identify, characterise and manage all negative and indifferent influences on change and other initiatives while highlighting positive influence.

Working with Boards, Steering Committees, project teams and individuals to manage influence, and resolve conflict.