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My executive coaching and organisational consulting practice has operated over thirty years. The practice is physically based in Melbourne Australia although much of my work with clients is via remote conferencing with Skype and Zoom. Regardless of location these technologies provide flexible times for formal sessions and spontaneous discussion.

My executive coaching is built on a combination of four areas. It has been said that executive coaching benefits from ‘having been there done that’ which I have in the following:

  • 1. Organisational consulting and executive coaching to major government and private clients world-wide.
  • 2. Faculty member of the University of Southern California and the Graduate Business School of American University, – strategy, management and business psychology
  • 3. Application of psychoanalytic principles in clinical, coaching and business consultations.
  • 4. Active with executive coaching and organisational associations, providing presentations, document, and workshops

Incidentally, Trieb not only refers to the river in Germany pictured here but is also translated as Drive, Desire and Interest; three pillars of executive coaching. The photograph is from Wikiwand.com/en/Trieb