The list shows clients for whom I have provided organisational consulting, stakeholder management and executive coaching. It has been said that organisational investment in coaching can, at times provide the quickest and most effective way to make a difference in the organisation, or team as well as the individual.

In addition to numerous re-engagements (shown as *), commendations for my work has been given by external auditors and reviews, government treasuries assessments, and by awards and parliamentary citations of state and federal governments.

Clients – * multiple engagements


  • Australian Federal Government*
  • U.S. Federal Government*
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Californian State Government
  • New South Wales Government
  • South Australian Government*
  • Victorian Government*


  • Adecco Group (Australia)*
  • A.N.Z. Bank*
  • Alcoa of Australia*
  • CitiPower (Electric utility)
  • Fiserv Corporation (Westpac)*
  • Marriott Corporation HQ*
  • Newmont Gold Mines
  • SunCorp Group
  • Territory Insurance Office
  • Zurich Insurance (Australia)


  • International Finance Corporation*
  • International Monetary Fund*
  • The World Bank*
  • Medical/Hospital Boards*
  • National Institutes of Health (USA)*
  • Monash University (Defense)
  • Professional Associations*
  • University of West Australia